Discover the Beauty of Lumber River State Park

Lumber River State Park is a wonderful place to enjoy an array of outdoor activities, including canoeing and hiking. This popular park is located in the state of North Carolina and it’s a big place, which features over eleven thousand acres! As well, it is situated along the scenic Lumber River.

This park has been deemed a National Wild and Scenic River. This designation comes from the USA Department of the Interior. As well, its river is designated a National Canoe Trail and this designation was made during the early 1980s. If you love to canoe, this park will be perfect for you!

The park features nine basic camping areas which are found in the Princess Ann part of Lumber River State Park. Small groups are six people or less are permitted to camp in these areas, which include picnic tables, grills, lantern holders, garbage cans and fire rings. As well, campers may entertain themselves by exploring a host of hiking trail options.

This Park Features Plenty of Flora and Fauna

This park is a great place to check out an assortment of animals and plants. When you visit the park, keep an eye out for mountain laurel, spider lilies and a host of other plants and flowers. As well, while you’re exploring the park, be sure to watch for American alligators, deer, black bears, wild turkeys and so much more. The park is lush and it attracts plenty of animals and lots of marine life. It’s also a wonderful place for bird-watching!

Known for its exceptional fishing and friendly park staff, including rangers, this park has a primitive vibe which may appeal to you. It’s a very rugged and unspoiled place to be. While its amenities are super-modern, it does provide the basics that most people want. Visitors who leave reviews of the park often comment on its pristine river, exciting trails and peaceful camping areas.

Visit Lumber River Park Today

Now that you know more about the beauty of Lumber River State Park, you’ll be ready to decide if this particular park belongs on your next holiday itinerary. If you already live close by, visiting the park will be an excellent way to get away from it all and commune with nature. Since it’s so big, you’ll find that there is plenty to see and do. Once you’ve visited the park, it may become a place that you want to spend time at, again and again.